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**SOLD** Indicolite Tourmaline

**SOLD** Indicolite Tourmaline

Item No.: KDJG2015

Description: **SOLD** A beautiful 1.42ct Emerald Cut Indicolite Tourmaline. The dark blue color of the stone is reminiscent of the depths of the sea. The dimensions of this tourmaline are 7.58 x 5.34 x 3.67 mm.

Indicolite Tourmaline is classified by its color that "can vary from a light to a deep blue" (, sometimes with a greenish hue as well.

The color of a tourmaline can be caused by many varying factors. Some of which include elements and radiation exposure.

Tourmalines are pyroelectric gemstones. This means that "Tourmaline becomes electrically charged when heated. Also when squeezed: it's piezoelectric too" (


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