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**SOLD** Morganite

**SOLD**  Morganite

Item No.: KDJG2018

Description: **SOLD**   There are four stunning Pale Pink Morganites available! Starting at $395 per piece.
These include three Oval Cut stones that are 4.80ct, 4.37ct, and 5.25ct.
The fourth is a 4.73ct Cushion Cut stone.

4.72ct - 12.08 x 8.69 x 6.50 mm**SOLD
4.37ct - 11.90 x 9.94 x 6.58 mm **SOLD
5.25ct - 13.65 x 10.49 x 6.27 mm**SOLD
4.80ct - 13.56 x 9.93 x 6.22 mm**SOLD

Manganese (trace amounts) is the cause of the subtle color found in Morganite. The Morganite gemstone has a phenomenon known as pleochroism. In regards to this specific stone, it looks "pale pink and a deeper bluish pink" depending on the lighting.
"Most of the morganite on the market comes from pegmatite mines in Minas Gerais, Brazil" (

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