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Spinel Parcel

Spinel Parcel

Item No.: KDJG2062

Description: A parcel of 8 Stunning Deep Colored Spinel gemstones. Real value here at less than $20 per ct. Some should be priced at over $100 each./Cobalt, titanium and color change spinel are highly desireable. For the gemcollector , or we can help you design a piece of jewelry.

1.57ct Cobalt Blue - Cushion Cut
2.28ct Dark Pinkish Purple - Cushion Cut
2.31ct Deep Red - Square Cut
3.02ct Titanium Grey - Cushion Cut
3.08ct Deep Red - Cushion Cut
3.12ct Pinkish Purple - Cushion Cut
3.71ct Top Color Change [Red/Purple] - Cushion Cut
4.00ct Color Change [Purple/Red] - Cushion Cut

In 2016, Spinel was made a birthstone for the month of August, alongside Peridot and Sardonyx.

"The name Spinel is from the Latin word 'spina' which means spines. This refers to the stone's needle-like formations" (


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