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**SOLD** Madeira Brazil Citrine

**SOLD** Madeira Brazil Citrine

Item No.: KDJG2064

Description: **SOLD** We have three fantastic Citrine gemstones available. All exhibit a stunning Honey Orangish Yellow color.

4.53ct Oval Cut - 13.34 x 9.84 x 6.31 mm  $195.00
6.57ct Round Cut - 12.46 x 8.18 mm  $285.00
8.45ct Square Cushion Cut - 13.16 x 12.74 x 8.09 mm  $365.00

The Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November, along with Topaz. Citrine was actually commonly confused with Topaz prior to modern gem identification methods. Its name comes from the word citron, which is French for lemon.

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