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***SOLD*** Blue Zircon

***SOLD*** Blue Zircon

Item No.: KDJG1002

Description: ***SOLD***   4.3 carats cushion shape blue zircon gemstone. its 8.5 X 6.8 X 6.2mm.   Beautiful color and nice cut. Let a create a custom ring for you using this gemstone. It may even look spectacular with diamonds around it. There has been heat treatment to this gemstone, which is typical for this type of gemstone.  And it has a clarity of IF. 

Zircon is a gemstone that’s not commonly known among jewelry buyers, which is a shame considering the number of beautiful colors it comes in. These include earth tones such as cinnamon, sherry, yellow, orange, and red. Among those who are familiar with this gem, zircon is especially admired for its attractive blue colors.
Although collectors clearly love zircon’s color variety, consumers seem most enamored of just one hue: blue. Gem dealer reports indicate that at least 80 percent of zircons sold are blue.

Because they’re in greater demand, blue zircons usually command higher prices than any of the other varieties. Even though gem buyers can satisfy their demand for blue gems with top-grade topaz at significantly lower cost, blue zircon continues to sell well. Industry analysts believe that blue zircon has yet to reach its full market potential.
Zircons are relatively free of inclusions, but many untreated zircons have a cloudy or smoky appearance. If it’s extreme, it can be a negative factor with buyers. In Victorian times, this smokiness made zircon a popular gem for mourning jewelry.

Retail Price: $395.00
Our Price: $195.00

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