Knox Diamonds & Jewelry


With so many beautiful diamond shapes to pick from, you can really personalize your ring making it a true original. Each distinct cut has its own allure. Diamonds come in many different shapes, round, cushion, marquis, princess, etc.  You should explore, even if you think you already know what you like. You may discover that a particular diamond shape looks so attractive on your hand---that you’ll have to say “I do!”

Knox Diamonds & Jewelry personally examines your diamond prior to your purchase.  So no matter which diamond you choose, you’ll have a top-notch stone to cherish for a lifetime!  If you are local to our office, we are also happy to show you the diamond in person prior to you purchasing.  We can also bring you to the diamond manufacturers in the NYC diamond district to see a variety. Ask us for a price, and compare our prices to other online retailers and jewelers. You will be suprised at the savings. Our mark ups from wholesale are fully disclosed and average only 12%.
We believe in a high quality standard and only sell GIA Graded Diamonds. Have a conversation with our GIA diamonds graduate if you need help deciding on a diamond, or have any questions. We have access to thousands of diamonds that are available worldwide. Let us help you find the perfect diamond within your budget.