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custom diamond wedding band wax model     KDJ Designs is the name of the jewelry designs created by Knox Diamonds and Jewelry. We are the custom jewelry design part of the business. Custom can mean a few different things. We can create a custom design for you, but we also make diamond rings, diamond tennis bracelets, and diamond studs to order. (click on the links above to bring you to the page) By making them to order, we save you money by not keeping a large inventory and can customize the selection of diamonds to fit your budget. Whatever items we show, can be customized for you.
We have a lot of creative ideas to explore with you, or you can guide us on your thoughts to create that perfect custom piece of jewelry.
We have started by collecting many different types of gemstones and diamonds. We want the gemstones to speak to us, and inspire us to creat a ring around it. We have been adding many gemstones to the website,(click here to see) and if one inspires you let us know, and we can create your own unique design. Your design could be inspired from a picture, scenery, or just a hand sketch. If there is a ring or setting that you have seen elsewhere in another store, or in a picture, Meet with us to discuss how we can create it for you at a much better value with better quality. You won't be dissapointed. Our process usually begins by a meeting with the client to discuss whats most imnportant to them in an engagement ring. Budget is also a big consideration. There are many price variables when choosing a diamond other than just size. We work with you to find the perfect diamond within your budget, then create the ring of your dreams.

  I have an example and a story to share. This past summer we were on top of the mountain at Mount Snow ski resort in Willmington Vermont. While walking around, I noticed something shiney on the ground. Ends up it was smokey quartz. I had it faceted and polished. Its not an expensive stone, But creating a ring with was fun. If you find something special and want to make a memorable piece of jewelry, we are here to help.

We have a great team in place to create anyting you can dream. We look forward to creating memories with you. And thank you for your support.

Take a look at the beautiful pieces we have already created in the KDJ Designs Collection
Also click the link to take a look at our Youtube video of Anna making a wax carving.

To see additional products in our other online store you can click on the virtual store link below.  Products can't be purchased directly there, but is another place to view more engagement rings, eternity bands, mens bands, pendants and necklaces. If you find something you like , just sent us the item number , and we will help you customize and make the purchase.  After you click here to visit virtual store   enter account number 122866    User Name  : knoxdiamonds     Password : diamond1         Chat with us if you need help or email us