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Diamond Stud Earrings - GIA certified

Diamond Stud Earrings - GIA certified

Item No.: STD1001

Description: We are the "go to" place for diamond stud earrings. Check out our Youtube video of some diamond studs. We can offer the best pricing you will find on an apples to apples comparison. There are many variables in the pricing of diamond studs. In essence, you are buying a pair of diamonds. And as you know, they come in many different sizes, colors, and clarity.  We will help you find the best within your budget. The Studs for $1200 a pair are .30 cts each, approx 4.3mm diameter. total carat weight of approx .60. In 14k white gold. They are GIA certified  H color  and SI1 clarity, Triple Excellent. Just a reminder to compare apples to apples when shopping. We are offering QUALITY.  Other stores show prices for uncertified I2 I3 diamonds. worth much less.  As I mentioned, we can offer any size , color and quality diamonds.

Like with any diamond purchase, we emphasize the cut. You want the fire and brightness to show.  I had one customer say "whats the difference, they are in her ears".  I cringed. Yes, people arent doing close ups of your ears, but with an excellent cut the brilliance and sparkle will be noticed. You dont want dull looking diamonds. And if price is a concern, you just get the best quality within your budget, dont be concerned with size.

We advise GIA certified diamonds, but if a budget is tight, we can use non certified that we wil pick by hand to get you the best. Our GIA diamonds graduate does the shopping globally for you. We treat every order like we are buying for ourselves. 

They also come in push back or screw back. and can be in 14k white gold or platinum. Any size with a platinum setting can be requested and is $100 additional.  

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