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Rough Uncut Diamonds

Rough Uncut Diamonds

Item No.: KDJRU1001

Description: The Ultimate gift for an engagement ring. You control the whole design process. We help you select a Rough Uncut Diamond and create the cut of your choice. Then custom design the setting to put it in. 

Yes, this will be more expensive than purchasing an already cut diamond, but for the connoisseur who wants something special for their loved one, this is the ultimate experience.

We will work with you to source the right size rough diamond from some of the worlds largest diamond miners. We can purchase in auction from DeBeers, Grib, Dominion, Alrosa or any other producer in the world. 

And yes, this process will take more time than just buying a diamond and a setting. We need time to make it perfect for you. 

We can also be your agent if you just want to purchase and collect rough diamonds. Then when you are ready, we can assist you in the cutting and certification process. 

We welcome all inquiries, and we will also buy rough uncut diamonds for ourself. Please show us your offers. We prefer to view in NYC

The price for Rough Uncut Diamonds is based on the color and clarity of the yield. So prices will vary dramatically. We will work within your budget. 

PLEASE don't try to click and check out for a purchase.  This is for advertising only, and  is a custom made to order item.
The price can be anywhere from $10,000 to over one million. 


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