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**SOLD** Tsavorite Garnet

**SOLD**  Tsavorite Garnet

Item No.: KDJG2007

Description: **SOLD**  This is a 1.15 carat oval shape Tsavorite Garnet. This gemstone has a very nice hue, tone and saturation. The dimensions of this garnet are 7.98 x 5.40 x 3.61 mm. The clarity isn't the best, but will look wonderful in a ring. Tsavorite can sell easily for over $1000 per carat, with high quality selling over $2000 per carat. This price offers many people an opportunity to own this beautiful gemstone, whether you are a Collector or jewelry maker. We can also make you a custom ring if you would like.

Tsavorite is the name given to the rich green variety of grossular garnet. The gem was first discovered in Tanzania in 1967 by Campbell Bridges. In 1970, Bridges also discovered gem tsavorite in Kenya’s Taita/Taveta district. The name “tsavorite” was coined in 1974 by Campbell Bridges and Tiffany’s Henry Platt and is derived from Kenya’s Tsavo National Park, which lies adjacent to rich deposits of the gem.

While the color of tsavorite never equals that of the finest emerald, an emerald-green is the ideal. The color should be as intense as possible, without being overly dark or yellowish green. The color of tsavorite is believed to be due to vanadium, at times with a trace of chromium.

Tsavorite in particular has been said to enhance fertility, fortify the kidneys, and is beneficial for the membranes and skin. Emotionally, the stone has many attributes as well. It brings strength and confidence, teaches relaxation and inspires service and cooperation. Because tsavorite is a garnet, it is connected with the principle of love. It is supposed to be extremely beneficial when it comes to ensuring a good relationship with your partner. It improves clarity of perception, knowledge about love, and understanding for your partner. 


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