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Green Zircon

Green Zircon

Item No.: KDJG2059

Description: A gorgeous 6.47ct Round Cut Green Zircon Gemstone. This is a rare find in this color with this brilliance. Really not sure if I want to sell it. Especially at this fabulous price. It will be hard to replace it, if at all.

The dimensions of this zircon are 10.67 x 6.89 mm.

Zircon is a natural gemstone. It is composed of zircon silicate and is found in a number of regions around the world, including Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia, USA, South Africa and Australia. It has been used in jewelry for centuries and particularly as a diamond simulant.

The word zircon comes from the Persian word ‘zargun’ meaning ‘gold-colored’. However, you can find zircon in a range of colors, caused by various impurities that are present during the formation of the stone. Sometimes zircon can contain traces of uranium, and can be slightly radioactive. In such cases, the zircon undergoes stability treatments to enable them to be used in jewelry. However, don’t let this stop you from adding zircon to your jewelry collection because the miniscule levels of radioactivity found in zircon jewelry pose no health risks for humans.

Zircon has very high sparkle, luster, dispersion and refraction. In other words, it plays excellently with light, making it a brilliant and fiery stone. Zircon also exhibits rainbow flashes of color.

Because the stone has double refraction, it displays excellent fire and may give off the illusion of having double the number of facets that it actually has. This birefringence, however, can also cause the zircon to appear fuzzy.

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