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Tashka Collection

Tashka by Beatrice gemstone jewelry on sale for wholesale cost

Tashka is a collection of real gemstone jewelry. We have an assortment of necklaces, bracelets and earrings for sale at incredible prices. From our assortment of charm necklaces, real gemstone necklaces to amazing baroque pearl necklaces, you will be amazed at the color and style. This is jewelry to wear every day, or on a special night out. The colors of the gemstones are amazing, and will compliment any outfit. Buy one or start a collection, you will be happy you did. Just click the link below to see the amazing pieces we have for sale at tremendously low prices for this quality.  
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Deeply interested in the strength of color, Beatrice Matiash is dedicated to providing jewelry that one dresses for. She has set out to alter the experience of getting dressed with her collection of radiantly colored necklaces and earrings intended to be accessorized by attire.

While managing a trend-driven jewelry boutique and apprenticing for the head designer, Beatrice earned her B.A. in Fashion Buying and Merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She then joined the Federated Merchandising Group in product development for accessories and simultaneously began to develop her own jewelry design craft. Moving to DKNY as merchandise manager for handbags, she gained insight into the accessories business essential to starting her own company.