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At Knox Diamonds and Jewelry we are local residents of Ossining. We offer the best prices on diamonds and jewelry. We specialize in diamond engagement rings. We have hundreds to choose from or we can make a custom design for you. Our diamond prices are close to wholesale. We work as your diamond concierge. You can make an appointment to meet with us to discuss your upcoming engagement. We can meet in your home in  Ossining. We will guide you through the 4C's of buying a diamond. Also, we will only sell you GIA certified diamonds. We search globally for the best diamond within your budget, we do not try to sell you whats in inventory like most jewelry stores. We also believe that you should also select a diamond that has an excellent cut. The cut brings out the brightness, fire, and scintillation. We want you to cherish your diamond for a lifetime. Diamonds are over 2 billion years old.

Sell your unwanted or unused diamonds

If you would like to sell your unwanted or unused diamonds. (click link for appointment) We will buy your diamonds. You can also trade up to a larger or better quality diamond. Our purchasing formula is based on the wholesale value of a similar diamond. Most people are dissapointed when they hear the value of their diamond when they want to sell. Thats because most jewelry stores mark the price up 200-300%. At Knox Diamonds and Jewelry in Ossining, our mark up on diamonds averages 15%. You won't find a better value than purchasing from us. We look forward to your business. You can also check out our blog by clicking HERE

About Ossining

Frederick Philipse bought the area which presently constitutes the Town of Ossining from the Sint Sinck Indians in 1685. The Sint Sinck are members of the Matinecock (Algonquin) tribe, who originally resided in the area of Cow Neck Peninsula on Long Island, New York. His Manor extended from Spuyten Duyvil Creek on the border between present day Manhattan and the Bronx to the Croton River. The last Lord of the Manor, Frederick III, was a Loyalist in the American Revolutionary Warwho fled to England, so the State of New York confiscated the manor in 1779.

Until 1901, the village of Ossining was known as Sing Sing. It changed its name to avoid the stigma of association with Sing Sing Correctional Facility, which is still, by far, Ossining's largest employer.

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