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**SOLD** Emerald from Swat Valley Pakistan 2

**SOLD** Emerald from Swat Valley Pakistan 2

Item No.: KDJG1006

Description: ***SOLD*** This Emerald is a little light with noticeable fractures that are not uncommon with emeralds. Otherwise, it is clean with no black inclusions. It's a great value for someone that wants a light, large green gemstone. The Emerald is 3.89 carats. Its measurements are 11.30mm x 9.71mm x 4.54. It will make a fabulous ring; we will work with you to custom design it. 

The magnificent Valley of Swat is surrounded by majestic mountains. The Valley also holds one of Asia’s largest deposits of emeralds. Similar to Colombian Emerald, Swat Emerald is well known for its unique green colors (ranging from medium to deep green) and for its distinctive smoothness and transparency.

Retail Price: $799.00
Our Price: $499.00

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