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**SOLD** Black Opal Ethiopia

**SOLD** Black Opal Ethiopia

Item No.: KDJG2001

Description: **SOLD** Beautiful dark base opal from Ethiopia. This opal is 6.6 carats of wonderful color. Will make a fabulous ring outlined with a diamond halo. Lets us make you a custom ring with it.

Just recently a new discovery of gem crystal and hydrophane Opal was discovered in EthiopiaEthiopian Opal was found in Gondar which was at first called desert Opalbut it is from a plateau in the highlands. The main field which is creating a lot of excitement now is from a field called Welo.

The name opal evolved from the Roman word "opalus" which traces its roots from the Greek's "opallios " meaning to see a change of color. This Greek word is likewise a revision of the ancient Indian Sanskrit's "upala " which means precious stone.

The development of this gemstone started millions of years ago when a mixture of silica and water flowed into cracks and holes in the ground. Over time it hardened and solidified to turn into opal.

Ethiopian Welo opal is a hydrophane meaning that it can soak up water like a sponge. When hydrated the stone becomes more translucent and the play of colors more defined. After it releases water it reverts back to opaque.

• Opals are often considered a lucky charm that brings beauty success and happiness to its wearer.

• The ancient Greeks believed that opals brought powers of foresight and prophecy.

• The Romans considering them to be the symbol of hope and purity.

• Ancient Arabs believed that they fell from the heavens in flashes of lightning. Based on this tradition opals were believed to protect against lightning strikes and bad elements.

Queen Victoria was a fan of opals. Her five daughters and immediate circle received gifts containing this fine gemstone. It became a much coveted piece since the Royal Court of Britain was considered the model for fashion at the time.


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