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**SOLD** Merelani Mint Garnet

**SOLD** Merelani Mint Garnet

Item No.: KDJG2009

Description: **SOLD** This 1.03-carat cushion cut Merelani Mint Garnet is captivating. The unique color of this gemstone would make it the perfect center stone in your dream piece of jewelry. The dimensions of this garnet are 5.69 x 5.55 x 4.06 mm.

"Merelani Mint Garnet is named after its mining locality, the Merelani Hills of Tanzania...Like Tsavorite Garnets, they are from the Grossular Garnet family. In fact, Merelani Mint Garnet is just a light green cousin of the famed Tsavorite. Its pastel green color is becoming more and more popular among collectors and jewelry designers" (

The garnet family comes "in a variety of color and have many different varieties...when the term 'Garnet' is used, it is usually connotative of the dark red form; other color Garnets are usually given more descriptive gemstone terms" (


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